Stories and Magical Moments

Stories with PUBL in the file name were published in the Harmonizer magazine.
Story 2016-04-25 The Future of Barbershop PUBL.pdf
Story 2016-04-04 Special Moments PUBL.pdf
Story 2016-03-24 A Singing Valentine story.pdf
Story 2016-03-03 The Doctor Is In.pdf
Story 2016-03-03 Random Acts of Music.pdf
Story 2016-03-03 Grasping Opportunities.pdf
Story 2016-01-15 Seattle chapter invites men to sing.pdf
Story 2016-01-09 Calgary-We Sing We Serve.pdf
Story 2016-01-06 Boise director Rich Lapp.pdf
Story 2015-12.10 Paying it Forward.pdf
Story 2015-12-15 Thick n Thin PUBL.pdf
Story 2015-12-15 DejaVu.pdf
Story 2015-12-15 Boise Chordsmen sponsor largest Youth Festival in the world.pdf
Story 2015-11-04 TotemAires Membership is Growing PUBL.pdf
Story 2015-11-04 Silent Night with Tears.pdf
Story 2015-11-04 Delivering Love to a High School PUBL.pdf
Story 2015-05-08 Portland YouthJamboree.pdf
Story 2015-04-30 Rogue Valley.pdf
Story 2015-04-06 Boise Chordsmen presents 3rd Annual High School Vocal Contest.pdf
Magical Moments
MagicalMoment 40 The Barbershop Epitome.html
MagicalMoment 39 Standing Ovation by hundreds of travelers.html
MagicalMoment 38 most special person in the world.html
MagicalMoment 37 First emotions.html
MagicalMoment 36 Two for one.html
MagicalMoment 35 Amid many screams.html
MagicalMoment 34 Opposing Responses.html
MagicalMoment 33 Famous -sorta- in Hawaii.html
MagicalMoment 32 The power of music.html
MagicalMoment 31 Singing Valentine for Muffin.html
MagicalMoment 30 First Singing Valentines.html
MagicalMoment 29 at The Asylum.html
MagicalMoment 28 Music is the magical lanuage.html
MagicalMoment 27 Annual memorial.html
MagicalMoment 26 Double up at Carrows restaurant.html
MagicalMoment 25 Peaceful Barbershop Harmony to the last breath.html
MagicalMoment 24 Exciting Flash Mob.html
MagicalMoment 23 We sang for her beau.html
MagicalMoment 22 Alive Inside with video.html
MagicalMoment 21 The lights go on.html
MagicalMoment 20 Her nurse shed tears.html
MagicalMoment 19 Executive Board Meeting.html
MagicalMoment 18 We would do it all again for free.html
MagicalMoment 17 Galloping Gourmet.html
MagicalMoment 16 Hospital Smile.html
MagicalMoment 15 Alzheimer tears.html
MagicalMoment 14 Applebees all staff.html
MagicalMoment 13 Jazz Festival.html
MagicalMoment 12 Blind Audience.html
MagicalMoment 11 I get it.html
MagicalMoment 10 Valentines - barbershop - and Elvis.html
MagicalMoment 09 Chemo with smiles.html
MagicalMoment 08 Musical Theater one more time.html
MagicalMoment 07 Perfect gift of harmony.html
MagicalMoment 06 Raising the bar.html
MagicalMoment 05 Makes up for 25 years.html
MagicalMoment 04 Just one more year.html
MagicalMoment 03 ICU Blessing.html
MagicalMoment 02 Music to Tears.html
MagicalMoment 01 Bank ATM.html

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