Evergreen District Tall Timbre Awards

2016Robb SorensonVancouverDivision 1 Convention Chairman
2016Michael McCayYakimaDivision V Convention Chairman
2016Rich WatkinsEugeneDivision IV Convention Chairman
2016Doug SpensleyCalgaryDivision III Convention Chairman
2016David BruceCalgaryDivision III Convention Chairman
2016Art GrahamFederal WayDivision II Convention Chairman
2016Greg HaverleinSeattleDivision II Convention Chairman
2016Bill McCayYakimaDivision V Convention Chairman
2015Jeff BucklesHCNW
2015Sandy DetroitHCNW
2015Valorie OstermanHCNW
2015Don ThornHCNW
2015Judy GallowayHCNW
2015Rogue ValleyDiv 5Chapter Anniversary Recognition
2015Don CainDistrictFall Convention Chairman
2015Joe HaweDiv 2
2015Carl Van HoffHCNW
2015John RetenmeyerDiv 5Convention Chairman
2015Don KileenDiv 4
2015Bud RobertsDiv 4
2015Ken GallowayDistrictEleven years as a district board member
2015Keith BohlkenDiv 3
2015Bill BushDiv 2
2015Bob WoodruffDiv 2
2015Anacortes ChapterDiv 1Chapter 60th Anniversary
2015Jim HooperDiv 1
2015Marvin PickeringDiv 3
2015Jim BurbidgeDiv 2
2014Joe HaweDiv 2
2014Moe JonesDistrict
2014Mac DallmanDistrict
2014Ray Steckler District
2014Dennis BergDiv 5
2014Jim PetersDiv 5
2014Hardin KingDiv 4
2014Don & Amy RoseDistrict
2014Rob MacDonaldDiv 3
2014Bob WoodridgeDiv 2
2014Bill BushDiv 2
2014Jim BurbidgeDiv 2
2014Danny TryonDiv 1
2014Harry GrayDiv 1
2014Wayne SephtonDiv 1
2014John SimpsonDiv 3
2014Bob HuberDiv 2
2013Jim BurbidgeDiv 2convention co-chairman
2013Bob CoxFall Districtmany years of service as the District Director of Events
2013Harry GrayDiv 1many years of work as the Division Events Manage
2013Roy SageDiv 1convention general chairman
2013Cal WrathallDiv 3convention general chairman
2013Medicine Hat ChapterDiv 325 years of hosting Summer Glow
2013Don KileenDiv 4convention general chairman
2013Mike OttDiv 4many years of service on the Evergreen Board
2013Bob ThomasDiv 2convention co-chairman
2013Don ThornDiv 4hard work as the District Director of Finance
2013Sig DehnDiv 5general chairmanship of the convention
2013Don GreerDiv 5continuing work on the Big Sky Youth Harmony Rendezvous
2013Sid BrownFall DistrictBoise Membership Initiative
2013Ross BricklemeyerDiv 5key founder of the Pullman-Moscow Chapter
2013Chris WetheredFall Districtconvention general chairman of a very successful fall convention
2013Con HobsonFall Districtspearheading the Boise Membership Initiative
2013Rich LappFall Districtspearheading the Boise Membership Initiative
2013Entire Boise ChaperFall DistrictBoise Membership Initiative
2013Mike LanctotFall Districtmany years of service as judges in the Contest and Judging Program
2013Bob BrockFall Districtmany years of service as judges in the Contest and Judging Program
2013Carl Van HoffFall DistrictEight years of service as an Evergreen Board Member at Large
2013Carl Van HoffFall DistrictCo-Dean of Harmony College North West
2013Judy GallowayFall DistrictCo-Dean of Harmony College North West
2012Lorne Downton BellinghamCochairman Division I Convention
2012Molly Peterson Bellevue, Snohomish CountyHarmony Explosion Camps
2012Jamie Peterson Bellevue, Snohomish CountyHarmony Explosion Camps
2012Ed White BellinghamCochairman Division I Convention
2012Bob Thomas BellevueDivision II Convention Chairman
2012Paul Melhus VancouverDivision I Youth Activities
2012David Vincent VancouverDivision I Youth Activities
2012Steve Webb Calgary FoothillsEvergreen District Website
2012Mike Lanctot BellevueDirector Of Contest & Judging
2012Dennis Bloxham BozemanBig Sky Youth Harmony Rendezvous
2012Chris Wethered BoiseDivision 5 Convention Photographer
2012Doug Broersma BellinghamBoise Youth Festival
2012Randy Peters Calgary FoothillsDivision III Mass Chorus Director
2012Don Craig Frank ThorneMentoring of Division III Chapters
2012David Bruce CalgaryDivision III Convention Chairman
2012Don Thorn EugeneEvergreen Operations Team Director of Finance
2012Adrian Leontovitch Bellevue & Western WashingtonDistrict Website
2012Natalie Berdahl BozemanBig Sky Youth Harmony Rendezvous and Boise Youth Festival
2012Rich Lapp BoiseBoise Youth Festival
2012Con Hobson BoiseBoise Youth Festival
2012Carl Van Hoff TriCitiesDivision V Convention Chairman
2012Bob Cox SalemPortland International Convention Chairman
2012Don Cain SpokaneDistrict Convention Chairman
2012Mark Larson Rogue ValleyDivision IV Convention Chairman
2011Jon Powless Kitsap CountyEditor Greenline
2011Stan WagnerSeattleEditor District Directory
2011Don Cain SpokaneDistrict Convention Chairman

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