Evergreen District Hall of Fame Members

2016Ken Galloway, Jr.Hood River, OR
2015Kendall WilliamsBellevue, WA
2014 Steve Morin Salem, OR
2013 Randy Peters Calgary, AB
2012 Bob Thomas posthumously
2012 Bobby Huber Bellevue, WA
2011 Realtime Quartet - Tim BroersmaVancouver, BC
2011 Realtime Quartet - John NewellVancouver, BC
2011 Realtime Quartet - Mark MetzgerVancouver, BC
2011 Realtime Quartet - Tom MetzgerVancouver, BC
2010Bob CoxSalem, OR
2009Bruce ForemanPuyallup, WA
2008Denny StiersMr. Baker, WA
2007 Mike Lanctot Bellevue, WA
2006 Ed Hartley Quilcene, WA
2005 Marty Lovick Vancouver, BC
2004 Ken Jones Salem, OR
2003 Alan Gowans Frank Thorne
2002 Charlie Metzger Greater Vancouver, BC
2001 B.R.A.S.S. Quartet - Terry CroweFrank Thorne
2001 B.R.A.S.S. Quartet - Don CraigFrank Thorne
2001 B.R.A.S.S. Quartet - Len LangFrank Thorne
2001 B.R.A.S.S. Quartet - Doug MarwoodFrank Thorne
2000Four-Do-Matics -Jim IddingsSeattle, WA
2000Four-Do-Matics -Clay LaceySeattle, WA
2000Four-Do-Matics - Merv ClementsSeattle, WA
2000Four-Do-Matics - Del GreenSeattle, WA
1999 Chuck Olsen Forest Grove, OR
1998 Fatherly Advice -Dick BekBellevue, WA
1998 Fatherly Advice -Dan TangaroneBellevue, WA
1998 Fatherly Advice -Burt StaffemBellevue, WA
1998 Fatherly Advice -Bill ThurmonBellevue, WA
1997 Stephen Kyes Gold Beach, OR
1996 Jim DeBusman Eugene, OR
1996 Close Harmony Tradition -Bob MahonySeattle, WA
1996 Close Harmony Tradition - Chuck BensonSeattle, WA
1996 Close Harmony Tradition -Mitch Mitchell,Seattle, WA
1996 Close Harmony Tradition -Dick MerrittSeattle, WA
1993 Al Knight Calgary, AB
1992 Paul Extrom Portland, OR
1991 Frank Graham Eugene, OR
1991 Elmer Burke Seattle, WA
1991 E.C. Murphy Eugene, OR
1991 George Cotton N. Vancouver, BC
1991 G.C."Milly" Millington Portland, OR
1990 Mel Knight Eugene, OR
1989 Most Happy Fellows - Larry HasslerWashington
1989 Most Happy Fellows -Bob HodgeWashington
1989 Most Happy Fellows - Jack LyonWashington
1989 Most Happy Fellows - Ken HawkinsonWashington
1987 Don RobinsonSpringfield, OR
1987 Ken Fletcher Seattle, WA
1987 Ray Greaves Coquille, OR
1987 Burt Huish Twin Falls, ID
1983 Al Fraser Calgary, AB
1982 L.H. "Hub" Stone Klamath Falls, OR
1982 J.H. "Bud" Leabo Creswell, OR

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