Video Demos of the Evergreen Administrative Website

As demos are added the links will be activated

Front Page Demo (09:46 mins)

The Front Page of the Admin website does not require a log in and is a quick way to find specific district leaders, chapters, and quartets. It also show-cases our district heroes and provides three ways to quickly communicate with district leaders.

Members Only Demo (12:55 mins)

The Members Only section does require a log in because it reveals details about members and quartets. It also has a directory for the leaders of other districts, for society boards and committees, and Associates in our district. It includes a detailed analysis of your chapter, has an extremely detailed chapter roster that you may sort in many ways, has a list of prior chapter members, and several tools to help with chapter management. It also has six ways to quickly communicate with district leaders.

Chapter and District Leaders Only Demo (5:25 mins)

This section of the website adds communication features, provides analysis tools for membership and Man of Note. It lets chapter officers report Chapter BOTY men and provides a tool to get bounced email addresses corrected.

District Leaders Only Demo (5:51 min)

District leaders can see the Chapter Status Reports for all chapters as well as a webpage that shows just the graphs of chapter membership over the decades. Then there are two webpages for monitoring the reporting of chapter officers and the chapter financial filing status on ebiz.

Futures Demo (6:49 mins)

  • Calendar Management
  • Identify all district quartets
  • Find a quartet for a gig